GOSH again…

14457474_709322239233310_6251453706650270811_n 14479788_709322232566644_5239323542492478373_nSo Matthias didn’t feel very well last couple of days. He was pale and had some headaches during the nights. I called doctors in Germany and they told me to contact hospital because all the symptoms can be related to the tumour.
So after few hours which we spent at Hillingdon Hospital where Matthias had blood test and CT scan done we came back home. Around 10pm we received phone call from GOSH that we need to come to the hospital because after reviewing Matthias’s CT scan they found out that the cyst has grown and it is causing the pressure inside the brain.

We arrived to central London around 11 pm. Neurosurgeon was waiting for Matthias – ready to do the tap ( this is the procedure to remove liquid from cyst through the shunt )
The procedure supposed to be easy ( and I think for the doc...

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Our Warrior got his dendritic cells injected and this is the last treatment for now. The next session is scheduled after couple of weeks. We agreed with doctors that we can go back home for that time because we can’t afford to stay in Germany and wait for next the session.
During those nearly two weeks in Germany Matti had 2 epileptic seizures 🙁 ;( All visits at the hospital are very traumatic for him 🙁
Doctors plans are changing depending on Matthias’s body respons for the virus, so to be sure that they can keep an eye on him while he will be away, they arranged meetings in a private clinic in London, to test Matthias’s blood every two weeks.
It gave us a few more weeks to raise money for next treatment… But we need you all – Matthias’s Angels- to continue sharing posts wherever you...

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update about therapy!!!

Dear All!
Today Matthias had a meeting with Dr. Schilling and after that he started treatment already. Dr Schilling with dr. Vöhringer made injection with antisense medication and DCA. Matthias is feeling well and doctor told us about all the symptoms which may accrue with this therapy so until Thursday we need to observe him carefully…
On Thursday we have another clinic with the doctor in Bad Wörishofen and Matti will get dendritic cells therapy. It’s therapy made for him from part of his tumour and his blood.
It’s really important to help his immune system to fight the cancers cels so his diet needs to be changed as well. So NO MORE SWEETS and ICE CREAMS!!! (It’s not going to be easy) . So guys fingers crossed for good body respond ✊🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️✊🏻

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or please click link below

Matthias’s story

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Matthias’s story in the newspapers !!!



Great news!
The Getwestlondon newspaper decided to help our Warrior and they wrote an article about him and his fight!!!!!
If you are living in West London you can find it in today’s newspaper. If not you can read it on-line.
Please share Matthias’s story!!!
Every penny counts!!!

Boy pleads for help to fund treatment to beat brain tumour

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First treatment in Markt Berolzheim i dr. Thaller clinic

So we arrived to Germany on Monday. 14 hours trip by car gave us a bit of a hard time but we got there safely.
Yesterday we had a meeting with Dr. Thaller in his clinic. Ongoing consultations with Dr. Schilling, dr.Voglem and with the best neurosurgeons in Germany have shown that Matthias’s therapy will be longer than was planned earlier.
Today Matti received the first oncolitic virus injection, which Dr. Thaller applied directly to the tumor via shunt that Matti has in his head. Tomorrow he’ll also receive treatments to detoxify the whole body after all completed chemotherapies in the past.
Now Matthias is asleep and we are look forward to the reactions of the organism.
Our Warrior will be under the care of Dr. Thaller by the end of the week...

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Our departure date to Germany is coming!!!

Our departure date to Germany is coming…. We need to be at the clinic in Markt Berolzheim on Tuesday the 6th of September.
Because we don’t have enough funds for the first therapy, which cost around 14 000 € (and German doctors expecting not one but several immunotherapy sessions) we had to take a loan to cover that treatment. 😞
We will have a meeting with the doctors and ask about the possibility of some kind of installment plan.
The second option for Matthias is waiting for death so WE CAN NOT GIVE UP!!!!💪❤️
The tumor is still growing and the doctors from GOSH will not do anymore operations.
I have read on the forums about other people with glioblastoma, sadly they are all already gone 🙁
Our Matthias is still fighting!!! We do not take the chance from him to live and play with o...

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Thank you so much for all the donations ❤️❤️❤️ you are #simplythebest 😍😍😍Please spread the word about Matthias and his fight for life!!! Ask your friends, tell them Matthias’s story!! Please don’t give up on him and help him to win this uneven fight !!!❤️🙏🏻

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We’ve been in contact with dr. Schilling and dr. Thaller from Germany and we have first consultation booked for 6 of September It’s a little time left to spread the word about Matthias’s fight for life story and raise money for the treatment we’ll see what doctors will say about planned treatment, side effects, payment plan etc.
We’ve contacted local newspaper #hounslowchronicle and article about our amazing fighter will be out soon #polishexpress released information about Matthias as well so fingers crossed more people will find out about his fight to beat CANCER !!! ✊

Please help us to spread the word ❤️


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