Hi everyone !


Hello, my name is Matthias,

I am 8 years old and I’m always in pain.

I’ve been fighting for my life since I was 2 years old and I’ve already had 7 operations on my head that were really painful.

I hope one day that I won’t be in pain or visit the hospital anymore.   My parents cry a lot and I worry that they are in pain as well.

Two years ago, doctors from Germany promised me that they could help me and that I would be healthy again but it would cost lots and lots of money. My Mummy and Daddy didn’t have the money but lots of nice people around the world gave them money so that I could have this operation and get better.

After the operation everything was fine but several months later…the tumour came back. I felt very weak every day, Mummy and Daddy were cuddling me a lot when I didn’t feel well. I’m very worried as Mummy and Daddy cry a lot lately and before they never cried in front of me. They love me a lot and they don’t want me to be in pain anymore or have painful operations. One day, Mummy and Daddy come in happy and guess what they found?

Mummy and Daddy found a doctor in Gdansk in Poland who called a clinic in Germany who said THEY CAN PREPARE A VACCINATION THAT CAN DESTROY TUMOUR IN MY HEAD…but it costs lots of money.

The doctor in Germany said my body will be good for the treatment and that it won’t hurt anymore. I am dreaming about it every day and I hope I get better so my Mummy or Daddy don’t cry again. They told me that my vaccination can be done in 4 weeks but they have to pay €59 000.

This is why I beg you to please help my parents and me so I can get my vaccination. I want to be happy and healthy.

If you want to learn about my story there is a page on Facebook -Matthias’s fight for life

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