For the first time Matthias had birthday like the other kids.

First time with other kids, amazing people and beautiful decoration thanks to Katarzyna Mazurkiewicz <3

Matti received a lot of birthday cards with amazing wishes Thanks to amazing photographer Patrycja Slowiak we can see everything on beautiful pictures <3
Big thank you to Karolina Marta Witkowska for amazing birthday cake <3
And Agnieszka Chochorowska and her friends and donation of £312,55

Our warrior spent amazing day!! He was so happy <3


14976893_741976659301201_7661702290225161834_o 15025247_741976732634527_9155374594068720198_o 15068867_741976749301192_6835667374919423901_o 15003252_741976835967850_5427996980254887963_o 15034004_10211446639867903_119659866_o

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