coming back..

We had to stop the treatment in Germany because Matthias started to have some problems with the shunt where the viruses are injected.
Doctor also tested Matthias’s CFS fluid and found high amounts of copper and zink ( which is harmful for the health!!)
So Matthias is taking medication now to remove the excess of those metals from the body.

On Sunday we came back home after 15h trip..
Doctor wrote the letter to the neurosurgons from Great Ormond Street Hospital with request to checek everything propely because Matthias needs to come back and continue therapy as soon as possible!!
We’re waiting now for MRI scan but we don’t know the date yet 🙁
We’re happy because Matthias is finally more “himself” again after the last dose of the virus and DCA which he had on last Thursday:) Since then he doesn’t have any headaches or nausea. He is happy and has an energy to playing with his younger brother 🙂 We would like to thank you for all the donations and the events organized for our warrior <3 <3 <3 Matthias can continue his fight because of your generosity and big hearts <3 <3

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