GOSH again…

14457474_709322239233310_6251453706650270811_n 14479788_709322232566644_5239323542492478373_nSo Matthias didn’t feel very well last couple of days. He was pale and had some headaches during the nights. I called doctors in Germany and they told me to contact hospital because all the symptoms can be related to the tumour.
So after few hours which we spent at Hillingdon Hospital where Matthias had blood test and CT scan done we came back home. Around 10pm we received phone call from GOSH that we need to come to the hospital because after reviewing Matthias’s CT scan they found out that the cyst has grown and it is causing the pressure inside the brain.

We arrived to central London around 11 pm. Neurosurgeon was waiting for Matthias – ready to do the tap ( this is the procedure to remove liquid from cyst through the shunt )
The procedure supposed to be easy ( and I think for the doctor it was) but for Matthias’s it was traumatic
He fallen a sleep straight away after everyone left the room.
Because instead of liquid the doctor removed 15ml of blood so I’m really worried
The plan is to wait until Monday and observe him. In the meantime I’ll update doctors in Germany to make sure that they will know about everything!!
Please send us good thoughts and prayers ❤️❤️

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