Our Warrior got his dendritic cells injected and this is the last treatment for now. The next session is scheduled after couple of weeks. We agreed with doctors that we can go back home for that time because we can’t afford to stay in Germany and wait for next the session.
During those nearly two weeks in Germany Matti had 2 epileptic seizures 🙁 ;( All visits at the hospital are very traumatic for him 🙁
Doctors plans are changing depending on Matthias’s body respons for the virus, so to be sure that they can keep an eye on him while he will be away, they arranged meetings in a private clinic in London, to test Matthias’s blood every two weeks.
It gave us a few more weeks to raise money for next treatment… But we need you all – Matthias’s Angels- to continue sharing posts wherever you can PLEASE!!!!

If you want to organise something or you have an idea to help us raising funds for Matti – please let us know.
We appreciate any kind of help




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