update about therapy!!!

Dear All!
Today Matthias had a meeting with Dr. Schilling and after that he started treatment already. Dr Schilling with dr. Vöhringer made injection with antisense medication and DCA. Matthias is feeling well and doctor told us about all the symptoms which may accrue with this therapy so until Thursday we need to observe him carefully…
On Thursday we have another clinic with the doctor in Bad Wörishofen and Matti will get dendritic cells therapy. It’s therapy made for him from part of his tumour and his blood.
It’s really important to help his immune system to fight the cancers cels so his diet needs to be changed as well. So NO MORE SWEETS and ICE CREAMS!!! (It’s not going to be easy) . So guys fingers crossed for good body respond ✊🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️✊🏻

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