First treatment in Markt Berolzheim i dr. Thaller clinic

So we arrived to Germany on Monday. 14 hours trip by car gave us a bit of a hard time but we got there safely.
Yesterday we had a meeting with Dr. Thaller in his clinic. Ongoing consultations with Dr. Schilling, dr.Voglem and with the best neurosurgeons in Germany have shown that Matthias’s therapy will be longer than was planned earlier.
Today Matti received the first oncolitic virus injection, which Dr. Thaller applied directly to the tumor via shunt that Matti has in his head. Tomorrow he’ll also receive treatments to detoxify the whole body after all completed chemotherapies in the past.
Now Matthias is asleep and we are look forward to the reactions of the organism.
Our Warrior will be under the care of Dr. Thaller by the end of the week. If his body responds positively to the therapy we will have an appointment with dr. Schilling on Tuesday in Bad Wörishofen.
Unfortunately, the doctors decided that the treatment can not take only two weeks, as was previously assumed 😞
We were told that Matthias has to be in Germany at least one month, so the cost of the therapy is twice more than we were prepare!!! 😔😕
Now we must pay the additional 14 000 € ☹️

Thank you for all your donations – in the UK and around the world ❤️
Currently on gofundme account we have £1845 and on the Matthias bank account £1,600.
Please help us raise money for our son and share all information about him!!! We have to raise money in even shorter period of time 😒❤️🙏🏻

You can help us to save our Warrior and donate in any form listed below:

PayPal: (option for friends and family)

Joanna Plewka
Halifax bank
sort code: 11-14-80
account number: 10808863
For Matthias

Or GoFundMe:

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