Our departure date to Germany is coming!!!

Our departure date to Germany is coming…. We need to be at the clinic in Markt Berolzheim on Tuesday the 6th of September.
Because we don’t have enough funds for the first therapy, which cost around 14 000 € (and German doctors expecting not one but several immunotherapy sessions) we had to take a loan to cover that treatment. 😞
We will have a meeting with the doctors and ask about the possibility of some kind of installment plan.
The second option for Matthias is waiting for death so WE CAN NOT GIVE UP!!!!💪❤️
The tumor is still growing and the doctors from GOSH will not do anymore operations.
I have read on the forums about other people with glioblastoma, sadly they are all already gone 🙁
Our Matthias is still fighting!!! We do not take the chance from him to live and play with other kids – we want to hear his laugh at home and words: “Good morning, Mommy, good morninng Daddy.” at the beginnig of each day!!!
We just can’t imagine life without him !!!
So I beg you – HELP US PLEASE!!!
I know that there are many children with cancer and we are just another parents who want to save their child. But as long as Mattias will be fighting we will not give up!!!
Our son didn’t have a normal childhood for the past 6 years!!! Hospitals, chemiotherapies, operations, any kinds of treatments for which you have heard of – HE HAD THEM ALL!!!
The chance that Matthias’s body fight down cancer is our last hope!!!
Thank you!!!!❤️❤️


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